Training and Orientation

In a continuous pursuit to keep teaching skills of our teachers upgraded, school conducts various training programs from
time to time enhancing the pedagogy and strengthening the methodology of all the teachers. During this academic year 
five important training events for teachers were organized on topics like Core Skills, Bloom's Taxonomy, Learning Disability,
STAR Project and Paper Presentations.

Students of this generation need to be equipped with Core Skills, which supplements the traditional curriculum and 
subject-focused approach of many education systems. Core Skills like Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking and Problem 
Solving, Creativity and Imagination, Student Leadership, Collaboration and Communication and Citizenship were 
elucidated. Student learning outcomes should be phrased in terms of observable or measurable behaviors that a 
student should be expected to demonstrate as a result of taking the course.Bloom identified six levels within the 
cognitive domain, from the simple recall or recognition of facts, as the lowest level, through increasingly more 
complex and abstract mental levels, to the highest order which is classified as evaluation.

A learning disability isn't insurmountable. Teachers have become their own experts. Being good listeners and by offering new 
solutions we can keep the focus to overcome learning disabilities. Teachers were also involved in doing Action Research on
various aspects of teaching and learning, thereafter they were expected to present their research papers on the topic chosen 
for the study purpose.

As the pencil is to be sharpened for its flawless performance so are the teachers to be sharpened with the skills. Education
is demanding profession and teaching and learning is a continuous process. The teaching performance can be improved 
only through updating oneself either by reading or by undergoing training session – the management with this thought 
always planned for effective training program for the teachers which are appropriate and relevant. Accordingly training 
and Orientation programs for Learning Disabilities, Classroom Management, Lesson Plan, Core Skills- Critical Thinking & 
Problem Solving, Activity Based Learning/Teaching, and Different ways of using Teaching Aids were conducted 
throughout the academic year.

These training programmes enabled the teachers to adopt and apply the modern pedagogical skills and help them in
making teaching and learning process by keeping the students at the centre stage.