“Academic Skills add value to report card but life skills add value to life.”

Sports is the best way to inculcate life skills A healthy confident and prominent future for all the students is the core strategy of Kids' Kingdom Public School.It believes that with the help of sports qualities like self confidence, self-esteem, empathy, team work, acceptance, discipline, leadership, co-operation, co-ordination, fraternity and patriotism can be developed. With this vision, various sporting activities in the school were introduced with the support from the management. The activities are as follows:

Outdoor Game

1. Football 2. VolleyBall 3. BasketBall 4. Hockey 5. Karate

Indoor Game

1. Gymnastics 2. Rope Skipping 3. Taekwondo 4. Table Tennis 5. Yoga 6. Boxing 7. Chess

The coaches appointed for all the sports and activities are expert in their field. Most of them are National Players. To add to this hockey players of national and international repute Mr Manpreet Singh and Mr. Akash Chitte were invited to the school for felicitation and they also trained our hockey stars. All the required facilities are provided to the coaches by the school. Almost all the students joined coaching for outdoor and indoor activities. Students have done all the hard work under the guidance of the coaches. As a result 25 students of the school represented at state level in various sports and inter school competition. Approximately 300 students participated in interschool competitions at district and Divisional level. More than 10 students have participated in CBSE games. A strong house system enables the students to participate in all games. Inter house competitions, training, regular practice in one particular game is a regular feature. The student is advised one outdoor and one indoor game from the set. The student is imparted expertise training with a view to make him perfect and competent in the respective game.

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