School Info

1. Each classroom is equipped with computer, classroom library, and independent dual desk for each student and the classes
   are having interactive white boards.
2. Computer labs with access to latest software.
3. Hygienic and pure drinking water.
4. Well maintained and separate lavatories on each floor for boys and girls.
5. Science and Mathematics laboratories.
6. A spacious library attached with cosy reading room.
7. Separate halls for music, art and creative performances, equipped with necessary infrastructure.
8. Provision for in campus, dispensary with proper treatment facilities and a facility of emergency transportation.
9. All the rooms etc. are connected with alternative electricity supply. The campus is equipped with disaster management 
   equipment’s, such as fire extinguishers etc.
10. Provision for well-maintained central monitoring system supported with CC TVs, and P.A system.
11. A proper security arrangements at the campus.
12. Provision for multipurpose complex and amphitheater.
13. Transportation facility with proper security arrangements.

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