About School

Kids' Kingdom Public School was established in 2002 with a vision of becoming a vibrant institution of learning recognized globally as one of the finest and to open a world of learning environment for the students of the 21st century; to shape young hearts while shaping their minds so that they can inherit global values & strive for the community while striving for themselves. The school is affiliated to CBSE. It has a team of dedicated teachers from across the country, which respect individual difference and strive hard to pass on the best of their experience to the students.


“To awaken the young generation and transform them by imparting right kind of education. To strive for character development while adding global dimension”.


“Educating young hearts through exploration, experimentation, expression and evaluation. Understanding social and educational activities and giving a new identity to the holy land of Nanded”.


“Encouraging the pupils to live each day to the fullest. To foster team spirit, encourage sense of responsibility and self-discipline. To inspire tolerance, infuse sense of aesthetic appreciation and create awareness for global values”.

House System

The school is divided into the house system and all the activities are held under the respective house banners. The houses are named after the names of the prominent rivers of India - symbol of purity, continuity, depth and prosperity. The house system promotes various co-curricular and curricular activities. It gives opportunity for healthy competitions besides giving every individual to move towards perfection like Elocution Competition, Debate Competition, Quiz Contest, Fancy Dress Competition, Singing Competition, Music Competition, Poetry Writing, Acting Competition, Essay Writing Competition, Story Writing Competition, Food Festival, Annual Sports Day, Annual Science Day, Celebration of festivals etc.

Core Value

Sensitizing Hearts

Pupils are an asset for the society, their action and deeds make or destroy the social aspects, the school takes efforts to sensitize their hearts and souls, so that they can be useful and helpful to the society. The mentors in the school make them understand the issue like environment, peace, poverty, diversity, sustainable development, conflict resolution that are in conformation with the global issues. Appreciating global and national cultures, promoting the spirit of global and national integration are also the areas, where the mentors focus. The philosophical values are intricately blended with the CBSE curriculum.

Shaping Minds

The school's academic programme is designed to achieve the desired results especially developing pupil's competency, capabilities, attitudes and skills. The pupils are motivated to think innovatively, to apply creatively and experiment actively.

Dignity in Deed

The pupils of Kids' Kingdom Public School are equipped to overcome the challenges of today's competitive world through interactive, effective and constructive learning process. They are taught to smile for others success while celebrating their own success, following the principles of secularism, respecting the national culture, heritage and traditions and applying them for establishing global peace. Thus the morals and values imparted in each make them responsible global citizen.

Shaping Careers

The core objective no doubt is gaining knowledge and applying it for the society. However this very objective cannot be fulfilled without choosing a right career. The knowledge cannot be applied without the opportunity; this opportunity is available through right career. At Kids' Kingdom Public School, the student from VIII standard are prepared and groomed in a specific direction, they are encouraged to focus on one particular discipline varying from engineering to teaching, from civil services to defence services. They are even encouraged to select music, performing arts etc as their career. The Parent-Teacher meetings help, guide and counsel the parents and pupils from time to time. This inspires students to learn and make them competitive in their approach.

Shaping Global Dimension

The school is committed towards Global principles of peace, tolerance, sustainable development and forging school partnership across the globe. Where the diverse cultures can be understood, the student learn to respect, diversity. In this direction the school is working closely under the aegis of British Council, Mumbai (India) and has successfully formed a partnership with Costessey Junior School, Norwich (U.K.). The teachers from both schools of India and U.K interact regularly with a view to understand the pupils, their culture and the teaching methodology.